RUWA Face Cleanser (100ml)

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With AHA, BHA and a PHA

Exfoliating face cleanser for dark skin. Ruwa Foam and Glow lcleanser with AHA, BHA, and PHA is a beneficial addition to a skincare routine for melanin-rich skin. Its gentle exfoliating properties, oil control benefits, and pH-balancing formula can help to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and promote overall skin health.

Ruwa – pronounced Roo-Wa, is the word for water in the Nigerian language Hausa.


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Feel the difference with RUWA

The combination of AHA, BHA, and PHA in Ruwa foam cleanser can provide gentle exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.

The BHA in Ruwa foam cleanser is particularly effective at penetrating pores to dissolve excess oil and unclog pores. It can also help calm down general redness and inflammation.
The PHA in Ruwa foam cleanser can help to balance the skin’s pH by gently exfoliating and promoting cell turnover without disrupting the skin’s natural pH balance.

The AHA, lactic acid has many known perks. It increases cell turnover and helps eliminate accumulated dead skin cells on the epidermis. It also helps keep skin naturally hydrated.


Oil Control

pH Balance

Added hydration

Active ingredients


Lactic Acid


Salicylic acid



VOUEE skincare set for melanin-rich skin


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Cleansing 101

As with all skincare products, we recommend a patch test before use. To learn how to do a proper patch test, click here!

Step 1: Cleanse your face in the morning and at night before bed. Cleanse during the day as needed, especially after sweating or exposure to pollutants.
Step 2: Begin by wetting your face with lukewarm water. This helps to open up your pores and prepare your skin for cleansing.
Step 3: Dispense a small amount of RUWA Foam and Glow Cleanser onto your fingertips or cleansing brush.
Step 4: Gently massage the cleanser onto your face using circular motions, focusing on areas that are prone to oiliness or congestion, such as your forehead, nose, and chin.
Step 5: Avoid using too much pressure or scrubbing your skin too vigorously, as this can cause irritation and inflammation.
Step 6: Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water, making sure to remove all traces of the cleanser.
Step 7: Pat your face dry with a clean towel, being careful not to rub or tug at your skin.
Step 8: Follow up with your usual skincare routine, including toner, serum, and moisturiser.

Please note that RUWA Foam and Glow Cleanser contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), and polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) that can be effective at exfoliating and unclogging pores. However, they may also be irritating to some skin types. If you are new to using these types of ingredients, start with a small amount of RUWA Foam and Glow Cleanser and gradually increase your usage over time. Additionally, be sure to use sunscreen when using products with exfoliating ingredients, as they can make your skin more sensitive to UV damage.

Incorporate RUWA Foam and Glow Cleanser your daily skincare routine to effectively remove dirt, oil, and impurities, and reveal a brighter, clearer complexion.

Why we cleanse

Removes Impurities

Cleansing helps to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities that can build up on the skin throughout the day. This is important because when these impurities accumulate, they can clog pores, leading to acne breakouts, inflammation, and other skin problems.
Melanin-rich skin can be more prone to hyperpigmentation, which can be exacerbated by clogged pores. Therefore, regular cleansing is essential to keep the skin clear and prevent the formation of dark spots.

Maintains Skin Barrier Function

The outermost layer of the skin, known as the stratum corneum, acts as a barrier to protect the skin from environmental stressors and to retain moisture. Cleansing helps to remove dead skin cells and other debris that can accumulate on the skin’s surface, allowing the skin to better absorb moisturisers and other skincare products.
Melanin-rich skin can be more prone to dryness, and a compromised skin barrier can exacerbate this issue. Therefore, regular cleansing is important to maintain the skin’s barrier function and prevent moisture loss.

Enhances Skin Radiance

Cleansing also helps to improve the overall radiance and appearance of the skin. When the skin is clean, it reflects light more evenly, giving it a brighter and more youthful appearance.
Melanin-rich skin can be more prone to uneven skin tone, and regular cleansing can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and improve overall radiance.

Made with Science

Made from

We do not private label. Every product is made from scratch by choosing individual ingredients and lovingly formulating for melanin-rich skin.

Made with

We formulate in South Korea because of the years of experience in cosmetology. It also gives us access to unique ingredients profiles.

Tested for your

Our market research is perofrmed on a diverse mix of melanin-rich skin tones to ensure we are formulating for your skin.

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Ingredients: Aqua, Gluconolactone, Glycerin, Coco-Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Potassium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Polyamino Sugar Condensate



3 reviews for RUWA Face Cleanser (100ml)

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  1. vouee elves

    Amazing product that helps to calm down my very sensitive skin. It also smells amazing with a unique natural and refreshing scent. This product works even better than the medications that my dermatologist used to prescribe me for my sensitive skin issues.

  2. vouee elves

    What is your skin concern? : Anti-ageing

    What is your skin type : Oily

    I found this product best for my skin.

  3. vouee elves

    What is your skin type? : Dry

    What is/are your skin concern(s)? : Nice

    Nice product

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Can you deliver to USA?

Laxman Chhetri answered on July 19, 2023 store manager

Yes good for everyone.

Laxman C. answered on August 25, 2023 store manager
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