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Unique concerns

Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Scarring, Dryness. Skin conditions often present differently in Black and Brown skin tones, and so darker complexions have different needs.

"At VOUEE, our focus is the unique skin concerns you have."

Largely ignored

Majority of mainstream skin-care products are not formulated with your skin in mind. Products are largely not testted for darker skin tones.

"At VOUEE, we formulate and test for melanin-rich skin."

Toxic ingredients

Toxic chemicals are more common in products for people of color. They can cause nervous, digestive and immune system damage, and pass on through breast milk as well.

"At VOUEE, we have said no to toxic ingredients, heavy metals, parabens and fragrances."

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Foam & Glow Cleanser
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Correct and Boost Serum for Darker Skin
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Smooth & Renew Oil
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Hydrate & Shield Moisturizer
Melanin-rich skin

No harmful ingredients

Tested by people like you

Chemically formulated for melanin-rich skin

Sustainable packaging

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What people are saying!

VOUEE Melanin Rich Skin care
Ebele / Customer

I spent a long time living with many wrong expectations. My entire face and neck are not the same shade. And this is perfectly normal.

VOUEE Melanin Rich Skin care
Ella / Customer

I wish I could tell my teenage self to just leave it alone. Now, I really want something simple that I can get whenever I need it.

Kenny / Customer

For me, its hyperpigmentation. It’s something I have battled for ages. I have tried too many things trying to fix it.

VOUEE Melanin Rich Skin care
Sarah / Customer

I honestly wish I had started using sunscreen much earlier, and even now, I wish I used it more consistently.

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Melanin-rich skin
Melanin-rich skin
Melanin-rich skin

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Our mission is  skincare  equity for all

We understand that finding the right skincare products can be a frustrating experience, especially for people with Black and Brown skin tones. The industry often overlooks our unique skin needs, leaving us with limited options. At VOUEE, we believe you are beautiful in the skin you are in right now. That's why we created VOUEE - to provide a solution that was made with you in mind.

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