How To Correct and Remove Dark Spots on Your Face

9 Expert Skincare Tips For Dark Skin Tones

While certain skincare tips apply to everyone, like the need for sunscreen and daily face washing, darker skin tones have some unique attributes that need special care.

Our top dermatologist tips for darker tones

1. Prevent The Discolorations

Simply put, prevention is easier than cure here. Hyperpigmentation is a major concern for those of us with darker skin.

It’s crucial to treat acne aggressively to prevent the long-lasting dark spot in the first instance.

2. Choose the Right Ingredients

Again, this will set you up right. Selecting appropriate skincare ingredients is essential. Here are some top ingredients for dark skin tones:

3. Sunscreen for Dark Skin

This should be be an obvious one by now. It’s a myth that darker skin doesn’t need sunscreen.

Sunscreen is crucial for everyone to prevent hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and skin cancer, which often has a worse prognosis in people of color (check out our Linkedin Post on this).

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4. Identifying Sun Damage

Again, it is very easy to assume darker tones don’t suffer from sun damage. We need to be on the look out for signs of sun damage such as darkening skin and light peeling.

Even darker skin can burn, and recognizing these signs helps in better skincare.

5. Don’t Neglect the Eyes & Jawline

Puffiness and dark circles are very common aging signs in darker skin tones. Treat these early on to manage their progression.

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6. Assume Sensitivity

Darker skin can be sensitive without visible redness. Notice any discomfort or tightness and select products that cater to sensitive skin. Stick to a simple routine.

7. Risks of DIY Devices and Homemade Skincare

Avoid using at-home laser hair removal devices as they are often unsafe for darker skin tones. They do not carry the right wavelengths for your skin. You are more likely to cause long term skin damage with these. If you are lucky, they just won’t work.

People assume at home treatments and skincare are relatively safe becuase they afre natural. This is largely true, but natural ingredients can pack a punch. DIY skincare can lead to rashes and burns, worsening hyperpigmentation in darker skin.

8. Gentle Exfoliation Practices

Scrubbing and aggressive exfoliation can lead to hyperpigmentation in dark skin. Use gentle exfoliants like lactic acid and gradually increase usage.

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9. Finding the Right Expert

Ensure your dermatologist has experience with patients of color. It’s important to find someone who understands the specific needs of your skin.

By following these tailored tips and using the recommended products, you can achieve healthy, radiant skin.