5 Reasons Why I Couldn’t Get Rid of my Dark Spots

Ela O

Published: JAN 2024

5 reasons Why I couldn't get rid of my dark spots?

Darker Skin?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to find skincare that works for darker skin tones? It’s not your fault. For years I struggled with dark spots. I hunkered down and I did the work.

Most skincare products on the shelves today are made with only one type of skin in mind, and it’s not yours.

While countless options exist, few of them are designed to meet the specific needs of darker skin, leading to frustration and wasted money

It’s time to uncover the truth about why mainstream skincare often misses the mark for people like us and discover a brand that’s making a real difference.

The Truth About Mainstream Skincare And Darker Skin

FACT 1: “92% of Black Women feel neglected by the Beauty Industry.”

FACT 2: “Only 4% of dermatology residency programs offer courses specifically on skin of color.”

FACT 3: “Hyperpigmentation is > 60% more frequent in darker skin, yet fewer than 10% of skincare products have ingredients effective for these concerns.”

FACT 4: “Clinical trials for skincare overwhelmingly favour lighter skin tones.”

Mainstream skincare promises a one-size-fits-all solution, however when it comes to treating dark spots on darker skin tones, these promises fall short.

The generic approach overlooks the specific biochemistry and dermatological needs of darker skin, leading to ineffective and sometimes harmful results.

Mainstream Beauty vs. VOUEE

Enter VOUEE! VOUEE is a niche skincare line dedicated to addressing this long, and wide gap that has existed for melanin-rich tones.

Here are just a few ways VOUEE is different:

VOUEE: Formulates from scratch for darker skin

Mainstream: Serums are copied, not made for darker skin, don’t work or cause irritation in darker skin

VOUEE: Premium active ingredients

Mainstream: Many products utilise lower quality ingredients so use high concentrations. This is terrible for darker skin, causes irritation, increased melanin synthesis.

VOUEE: Stable ingredients – especially Vitamin C and Retinol

Mainstream: Entry level forms of ingredients- irritation, worsens dark spots, peeling, dryness.

VOUEE: Formulate in Korea – the best cosmetic chemists and ingredient sourcing.

Mainstream: Replicated formulas, questionable sourcing.

VOUEE: Actively tested on darker skin

Mainstream: Not tested on darker skin

Correct and Boost Serum for Darker Skin

(23 customer reviews)

Say goodbye to stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation with our powerful Dark Spot Correcting Serum, specially formulated for Black and Brown skin tones. Infused with a potent blend of skin-brightening ingredients, this serum targets the root causes of uneven skin tone, helping to fade dark marks, age spots, and post-inflammatory…

As if that wasn’t enough, dive into the specifics with our side-by-side comparison to see why VOUEE is not just different, but decisively better. We prioritize the effectiveness and health of your skin, especially catering to the needs of darker skin tones.

Generic, not specifically designed for your skin type.Every formula is crafted for unique needs of darker skin.
Mainly relies on Vitamin C as the sole brightening agent.Variety of brightening agents: Arbutin
& Glutathione for enhanced brightness.
Unstable and Ineffective Vitamin C, oxidises, irritating the skin.Uses the most stable Vitamin C derivative.
High Concentrations aggravate darker skinOptimized Concentrations for Darker Skin
Products aim to whiten our skin with harmful ingredients – mercury and corticosteroidsFormulated to enhance and even out natural pigmentation without altering skin tone
Limited Focus on Dark Spot CorrectionSpecialized in Dark Spot Correction
Common IrritantsNo parabens, No fragrances, No color, No heavy metals.
Inadequate Testing on Darker SkinExtensively Tested on Darker Skin
Narrow Focus; use multiple serums to get any visible resultsAll-in-One
Each serum has a narrow focus requiring you to use multiple serums to get any visible resultsOne serum to deliver a powerhouse brightening solution. Fights off acne.
Neglects Skin Health – narrow focus on cosmetic outcomesPromotes Overall Skin Health bolstering the skin barrier. prevent damage.

There are known limitations of mainstream skincare products.

We highlight the need for a solution that was made for us – VOUEE’s advanced formulations are not just designed to tackle typical skin issues but are created with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by those with darker skin tones.

With VOUEE, you’re choosing a brand that stands for effective, thoughtful, and inclusive skincare.

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Stop Compromising and Start your journey to healthier, more radiant skin today!