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Finally Finding A Solution: Korean Beauty Secrets To Get Rid of Your Dark Spots

Guest Post: Written by Tasha D

There’s no question that when you’re dealing with stubborn patches, you’ll try just about anything to get rid of your dark spots. From harsh chemicals to rough physical exfoliation, it can be a long and frustrating journey to find something that works.

When I first began to experience dark spots, it was difficult for me to pinpoint the exact cause. The spots I was getting were stubborn and lasting, sometimes from acne, sometimes unknown sources. This is my story.

I don’t enjoy seeing pictures of myself. And there is constant pressure to look at my face in the mirror.

I have to top up my makeup a few times during the day. For nights out or office parties, I realized that my makeup layering was taking over.

The need for control had significantly limited my ability to socialise and be myself.

I used to love morning runs, but now I need to wake up earlier to put on make up so I feel comfortable. I’ve had to give up many activities because of the preparation involved or just always showing up late. 

get rid of my dark spots

I tried a few different things to clear the spots.

  • I cleansed before and after workouts
  • I applied topical creams
  • I even tried wearing face masks each night

None of these things worked as I had hoped. I was beginning to feel like I would just have to learn to live with the pain.

When I saw the reviews for the Correct and Boost Serum, I decided it was worth a shot. Read my day to day below.

How the Correct and Boost Serum Reduced My Dark Spots

I was skeptical. Skincare brands don’t always live up to their promises— but I heard about this dark spot serum for Black and Brown skin –  I was intrigued.

Here’s how it works:

Three of the major features of this dark spot serum are the ingredients, their forms and the concentrations.

Correct and Boost Serum by VOUEE

Reduces Dark Spots

I wanted to make sure that this Correct and Boost serum would actually work before investing in it.

So, I took to the internet. There is a fair amount of scientific research on other skin types but less on Black skin. There is clear evidence that Black skin is physiologically different.

I learned I was prone to these dark spots and that most of what I had been doing, was making them worse. The limited research showed that some ingredients can be helpful in getting rid of dark spots in Black skin.

In the serum, they focused on:

  • Managing the production of melanin with two powerful tyrosinase inhibitors
  • Reducing the melanin to reduce the spots; new & old, with a stable Vitamin C
  • Protecting against free radicals with FIVE antioxidants – including Glutathione

Prevent New Spots

With the Correct and Boost Serum, as a preventive serum, it gives skin extra support to avoid dark spots in the first place. It’s a versatile for dry, oily, and combination skin like mine.

Accelerate Healing

The cosmetic chemist-formulation of the Serum helps in accelerating the healing of acne. This helps in the staving off of the dark spots allowing the skin to rehabilitate quickly.

Helps your Skin Barrier Perform Better

I personally liked the feel of the Correct and Boost serum. You’ll barely know it’s there. After you apply it, your skin feels nice and plumply. I also loved that it has no unnecessary ingredients like color and fragrances as I have sensitive skin.

Correct and Boost Serum by VOUEE

Correct and Boost Serum For Darker Skin

5-stars for VOUEE

Say goodbye to stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation with our powerful Dark Spot Serum, specially formulated for Black and Brown skin tones

My Day to Day Progress with the Correct and Boost Serum

The serum arrived in gorgeous packaging. Well-made and of high quality. The serum was in a glass bottle and the outer packaging was a recyclable paper tube which I am keeping as it is gorgeous. I put it on immediately, and it felt wonderful on my skin. I went about my day as usual, and I have to say that I did notice my skin didn’t get dry.

Two consecutive days of using the serum each morning and night, and I can say that the serum does have an effect. My dark spots haven’t disappeared but my skin feels different somehow. Definitely more hydrated during the day. 

By day six, I was able to see one acne bump had gone. One of the spots from the previous week was much lighter; faded.  My skin felt great, and I just noticed that my face seemed to be improving. I’m also starting to see a difference around my undereye area. Seems fuller.

Okay, so it’s been two weeks. I’ve been using the serum, day and night rather religiously and I can say that it has made a world of difference in my skin. I no longer see the dark spots on my cheek bones staring back at me so loudly.  I am only using a powder when I go to the store as I really like the glow I get from just the serum and my sunscreen. More to come.


All in all, I’m very pleased with the Correct and Boost serum. It has taken some time, but I can see it working. I think if you are after something fast acting and with that peeling effect, then this isn’t for you. This is gentle and effective.  My skin felt nourished not dry or flaky. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and most importantly, it works.

If you’re suffering from dark spots, I highly recommend giving the serum a try. You will be surprised at how well it works. 

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