Skincare: Going all the way back to the basics!

Skincare routines – With all the noise out there, VOUEE takes you ‘Back to the basics!’

Before you dive right into this blog, I want you to pause for a second and acknowledge where you are on your skincare and skin health journey. For some of us, it is still the gruesome and very oily teenage phase. Acne is popping out everywhere all the time and for no apparent reason. Yet for some of us, it is early adulthood and the natural glow up has solved half our problem.

In a somewhat alternate universe, we might have made it out victorious. We might have finally figured out what works great for our skin and learnt the important values of skin care that have empowered us through a once spotty to a smooth journey at last. 

Whatever the case, I know this to be true, that there are fundamentals to this skincare business. In this blog, I will be your trustee Vouee sister gently walking you through.

So how do you develop a skincare routine that works for you when you’re constantly drowned in advertisements, YouTube videos that propose 3-day miracles, and social media skinfluencers who seem to know it all? Yes, you are aware that something has to be done differently. Yet, where do you start?


Research shows that on average it takes a month for routinely applied skincare products to have the best and perhaps long-lasting effect (a general rule of thumb that only excludes exfoliants which sometimes produce immediate results). This is because of the skin cell turnover (new skin cells replacing old skin cells) that happens within this period. This scientific fact is just one of the many reasons why committing to the process in skincare is fundamental. Nourished skin is achieved through patience. The change happening is gradual and requires an unwavering consistency.

And there is good news: Skin care habits that have been tested and proven credible are immediately accessible. From the minor changes you can make to your already existing habits to making new additions to your routine, there is a lot that you can do differently starting now. One of these habits that you can adopt is drinking enough water daily – whether you see a resulting dramatic change in your skin or not, is a good habit. You can also fill your diet with healthy foods, and commit to stop pimple popping, face touching etc. 

 Introducing the tremendous trio 

The essential three-step process in routine skincare involves cleansing, moisturising and then applying sunscreen. We should acknowledge here that there are many other steps and potions you could be including but if you are just starting, overwhelmed, on a budget or going back to basics, this is where you need to get started. This seemingly simple process when complemented with the right skincare products can do wonders for your skin. For the most effective experience, it is always advised that you also cleanse before bed and make sure to moisturise dry skin.

You are beautiful now

While we can own our skincare goals, it is important to be reminded that we can love our skin now. Beyond just an idealistic view, this mindset and attitude fortifies us for a long-term and enjoyable journey with our skin. The most important thing about skin care is to feel good and to be empowered to make quality skin choices. This is why here at Vouee we strive to create a culture that is inclusive and creates a safe space for wherever you are in that journey.  Remember to keep calm and love your skin through and through!

Guest Post: Ella

2 thoughts on “Skincare: Going all the way back to the basics!

  1. Nikki Spark

    You are completely right that the most important steps in a good routine skincare involves cleansing, moisturizing and then applying sunscreen. The drinking water, eating healthy, not touching your face, all good points you make. Habits take like a month to solidify, so if you start these essential steps now you should see a difference soon!

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